Android: MPG Calculator - Transfer To New Phone


Soon (Sept 2020) this will happen automatically as the data will now synchronise using google account backup and restore. This is probably implemented by the time you read this.

I haven't had time for ages to add new features to the app, but plan to rewrite it eventually. I do get a lot of emails asking how to transfer the data across to a new phone. The app was written long before automatic transfer features of Android existed, so you'll have to do it manually. Hopefully this page will help.

  1. Export the file
    Click the menu button (bottom left) and go to Options, then Export Data. The data will be exported to a file mpg_calc_data.csv. Make a note of the location it's stored in.
  2. Transfer it to your laptop
    Connect to your laptop with a USB cable and browse the files and find the export file. Copy it and paste it to your laptop.
    Note: you can view the file by opening it in Excel or some other spreadsheet, but DO NOT save it from Excel, the file will be ruined
  3. Transfer it back onto the new one
    Now install the app again on the new phone. We need to copy the file back on, and as all phones, and android versions differ, I can't tell you where you need to put the file. The easiest way to find the location is the EXPORT from the new phone, which will create a blank file and tell you where it put it. Connect the new phone to the laptop and find the export file, which will have a size of zero bytes and be empty.
    Overwrite the empty file with the file from your laptop from in Step 1.
  4. Re-import the data
    Now simply go into the app on the new phone, into the menu and select IMPORT
MPG Calculator menu screenshot